Hand-Poured Soy Unscented Soy Travel Candle

Hand-Poured Soy Unscented Soy Travel Candle

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This sweet travel candle assures that healing will be with you everywhere you go. 


Use 1: Awaken Softly: Brining yourself to awareness can be done with ease by illuminating your candle first, before your light. It can be hard to purposefully make the time, yet even a 30 second pause can set the tone of the course of your day.


Use 2: Clear Your Mind: If you find yourself in a pattern of circular thoughts, lighting your candle and watching the flame flicker can bring you back to the present moment in a graceful and easy way. 


Use 3: Powerful Intentions: Nothing is more powerful than stating an intention and cementing that intention by burning a flame. This can be done if you are releasing something (sadness, anger, fear) or calling something powerfully in (healing, guidance, grace, clarity, strength, hope). Use while holding the rose quartz in your hand for extra effect.


Hand-poured by Emily Mitchell, the Ritual Coach


Included: small, white box of matches, burlap pouch


    Small travel candle. Unscented soy wax.


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