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Persian Rose Water Spray

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Centuries ago, the rose was found to have healing properties and has played an important rose in society ever since. The rose brings both cooling properties and enhances fire. It will help to balance the mind and calm the nerves, normalize blood pressure and promote relaxed breathing. It will also soothe the heart and purify the emotions. 


The rose has been greatly valued by many cultures for more than a thousand years. The oldest records that document the healing powers of rose water dates back to the Romans, however research shows that rose water was used back in 1200 BC, traded commercially in the Mycenaen city of Pilos, and exported to China throughout the Islamic world from Faristan in Persia. 


This beautiful pocket/purse rose water spray can be used to refresh and reorient you with one quick inhale of it's heady scent. 


Uses: Rosewater is safe to spray on your face and skin*, on the sheets in your bedroom, or as a general room spray.


*Please check with your dermatologist before using if you have any concerns.



    2 oz Amber Glass Bottles, with Black Fine Mist Sprayers


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