Pocket Rose Quartz Heart

Pocket Rose Quartz Heart

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Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart. It is an important talisman of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort, and love. It works on dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and reawakens the heart to it's own innate ability to give and receive love. 


Use 1: Slip it between the sheets: If you wake in the night, stirred by a relentless mind, this small piece of rose quartz is the perfect bedfellow. In particular, if you're reaching for someone who is no longer there. Encountering this stone nocturnally is cooling and soothing. Hold it in your hands, lay it against your throat, place it over your heart, or hold it against your eyes. A return to sleep, and a peaceful heart, should soon follow.


Use 2: Keep it in your pocket: It can be equally gorunding and soothing tucked into a pocket, where only you know of its presence. No one will be the wiser if you rest your hands on its cool edges, allowing it to work its peace from your fingertips to your heart.


Use 3: Hold it in your hands: This stone is the perfect meditation partner. It is infinitely soothing to turn over and over in your hands as you read thorugh your journal or repeat your Words or Affirmations.


    1" stone. Rose quartz. Each stone is unique and contains the unique beauty found in nature.


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