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Travel Bath Salt Pouch

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The scent of the bath salts was hand-mixed for you very powerfully and intentionally by Emily Mitchell, the Ritual Coach. The scents include oils that summon self-love and healing of the heart, strength of the soul, the removing of obstacles from the past and the present, and the raising up of new life.


Use 1: Soak: Fill up your bathtub with 1/4 cup of scented bath salts for not only a relaxing moment to yourself but also a time for you to steep yourself in what you're creating. Use in conjunction with your candle or place the rose quartz in the bathtub to increase your intentional experience.


Use 2: Inhale: If you are not a bather, or do not have access to a soaking tub, place a small scoop of salts into a large bowl and dissolve in hot water. Place your face over the bowl and inhale deeply while saying "I exhale worry and inhale peace," or similar mantra of your choosing. Place the bown near you in the room so you are comforted by the scented heat of the steam.


    Small pouch enough for two baths. 


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