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Healing Toolkit in a Box

Dear Healer,

The truth about healing is sometimes recovery is the hardest part. It can feel like unchartered waters of newness and growth. The new life of recovery of life after illness, trauma or setback can be exciting, in principal and on a whole but in practice - the day by day, moment by moment - that can be more difficult.

I knew I needed to develop a process to help me heal and began gathering touchstones, physical items that helped me on my journey; rose water, a rose quartz heart, colored pencils, a blank journal. I shared my secret healing box with a friend who was going through a healing journey of her own and she wanted one, too. I decided if I was going to make one, I should make 100. These are those boxes, in digestible pieces. 

From those who have received the boxes, I have heard things like:

“It has the ability to meet me right where I am.”

“These words are what my heart wants to say, but can’t.”

”It makes me feel grounded in a way that nothing else can.”

“I’ve kept it by my bedside every day for a year. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”

People say "time heals all wounds." And some of that is true. But true healing, empowered healing, is an interactive process. The most powerful thing we can do is resolve to be an active agent in our own healing. True healing asks you to not only let time pass, but to bring your core forth in a new way, in a fresh way, in a way that is healed and transformed and full of hope. 

I found healing through this box. It is my sincere desire that you do, too.

- Cor




P R O M P T E D  J O U R N A L


Traumatic brain injury left me bed-bound for a decade. Five years ago, I happened upon a treatment that helped me recover.  As I slowly came back to life, I learned that healing – emotional, physical, mental –  is hard work but when done thoughtfully and with intention, can be the one of most beautiful, rewarding, and empowering experiences in life.

True healing starts FROM THE CORE. The core means the most essential part, the heart of the matter, the crux, the fundamental nature. It is the center, the focus, the point of reference. Healing from the core means healing from the inside out.

In the process of healing, many, many people spoke beauty into and over my life. They didn’t speak to the sadness, they spoke to the power within and called it forth. I am where I am now because of those words of life. This prompted journal is a collection of those thoughts. 365 of them. I only wish there was room for more.

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